National Institutes of Health, East Redundancy Loop

The East Redundancy Loop (ERL) is part of the National Institutes of Health Campus’ chilled water and steam distribution system.  Unlike a typical underground tunnel distribution of utilities, the ERL project required the installation of an above-ground, elevated utility structure which provides an enhanced level of reliability for the Clinical Center Complex.  NIH engaged EBA for all phases of the design services and documents production, risk assessment and construction administration services for the ERL.  The project required a high level of integration with multiple facility groups, subcontractors, and several other projects in the vicinity of construction.

Services Include: CADD Design Service, Construction Administration, Construction Docs, Construction Cost Analysis, Contingency Planning, Civil Engineering, Codes Analysis, Cost Estimating, Design, Landscape Design, Signage Design, Environmental Analysis, Infrastructure, Mechanical, Photographic Documentation, Planning, Quality Control, Scheduling, Site Assessment, Site Inspection, Structural Engineering, Studies, Submittal Review, Surveying, Utility Systems, Value Engineering, Health Care, Research, Technical