Additional Services


Peer Reviews

EBA Ernest Bland Associates, P.C. participates in and provides peer reviews as part of a quality assurance process.  Our peer reviews include attention to detail related to the technical components of the specific use or building type as it relates to the finishes, adjacencies, and specialized criteria.  In addition, the reviews encompass the degree of completeness, coordination of documents, clarity of documents, and constructability.

Value Engineering

EBA studies the project in depth to provide the best value for the lifetime of the project.  Information gathered in the Pre-design stage is used to assess the function not only of the project, but the elements thereof.  With this in mind, EBA views all factors with a 360 degree perspective to find all possible alternatives and evaluate the best combination of alternatives that will cut costs and still provide the reliability and quality needed.  Our clients are an important part of this process, and EBA works to ensure client participation and concerns are factored into the quality of all projects.

Sustainable Design

EBA and its team of LEED accredited professionals provide the knowledge base and valuable solutions necessary to keep projects within budget while adhering to a system of design that will not only promote quality and durability using low-impact materials and design impact measures, but also provide the customer with a well-planned project meant to fit every aspect of its environment, be it man or nature made.

Historic Preservation

EBA has experience with National and International Historic Preservation projects.  Preservation, restoration, and vernacular reflection are all included in the EBA lexicon of Historic Preservation.  We focus heavily upon the integrity of the building, visualizing its historical context and reviving the spirit of the respective period.

Project Management

After assessing each project, EBA develops a centralized hierarchy of command which remains the same throughout the life of the project.  We provide clients with a single point of contact while developing a horizontal, diversified team assembled to keep the project running smoothly.  This integrated management approach encourages teams to work together to create a 360 degree view of the project while focusing individually on all scheduled tasks.


As the project is assessed and developed, EBA develops a consistent Project Development Schedule to fit the needs and requirements of the specific project to ensure consistent and complete project management.  Scheduling is developed with the entire EBA team present, including the client, to ensure all aspects are considered.  EBA’s project managers use the project schedule to track project progress and this scheduling process remains a constant source of information for the client and the team at all times.

Cost Estimates

All clients receive comprehensive and clearly stated schedule of fees and project costs, working closely with all parties involved and utilizing sustainability and value engineering practices to provide quality design and project management at the lowest cost available. EBA strives to provide quality services which remain within budget throughout the life of the project.