Throughout the 28 year history of EBA, the most pronounced building prototype for the company has been Technical Facilities, including, but not limited to, Data Centers. Our experience with Data Centers and Technical Facilities spans the North American Continent and extends to Puerto Rico, The Philippines and the Hawaiian Islands. EBA has had experience in Bio Tech Laboratories, Clean Rooms, Generator Plants, Radiology Centers and Health Care Facilities.

VBA Modernization Project

Project consisted of survey and documentation of 63 data center sites in 61 locations nation-wide for the purpose of determining conditions, making assessments, providing recommendations for expansion relocation or enhancements to the respective facilities.  Relevant experience includes: CADD Design CADD Documentation Computer Analysis Specialize Experience in Data Centers Scheduling Contingency Planning

Verizon, Blue Hill Power Plant

The design of the Blue Hill Power Plant was extensive and required hands-on design and construction administration attention to detail.  The design called for ten (10) 2-MW generators to be located on site as well as the design and construction of a generator support building containing redundant switchgear.  Services for the project included, cost analysis, […]

PSINet Hosting Centers

In the year 2000, PSINet was the premiere data hosting provider for major corporations worldwide.  In keeping with the growth of the high-tech communications market, PSINet embarked on a campaign to open 20 to 30 data centers nationally.  EBA Ernest Bland Associates, P.C. is the architectural firm in charge of developing design concepts for all […]

Verizon Blue Hill Plaza Data Center

EBA has provided several services for the telephone utility Verizon at their Blue Hill facility in New York state.  The Data Center proper (raised floor) consists of approximately 100,000 square feet.  An additional infrastructure square footage of approximately 80,000 square feet exists at the facility as a part of the data center.  EBA has performed […]

International Hosting Center

EBA performed extensive design and analysis services on the operations center for a major international hosting center.  The facility design included multiple redundancy of both electrical and mechanical infrastructure.  The 180,000 square foot center design included over 80,000 square feet of computer raised floor area, an exterior chiller farm and a separate electrical service yard.  Services performed include: […]