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Verizon, Blue Hill Power Plant

The design of the Blue Hill Power Plant was extensive and required hands-on design and construction administration attention to detail.  The design called for ten (10) 2-MW generators to be located on site as well as the design and construction of a generator support building containing redundant switchgear.  Services for the project included, cost analysis, […]

National Institutes of Health, Building 10, ACRF Upgrade

The National Institutes of Health engaged EBA to provide design-build bridging documents for the ACRF air-handling equipment upgrade to building 10 at the Bethesda, MD campus.  The EBA Team provided all architectural and engineering services required to develop, prepare and deliver complete bridging documents for a design-build procurement of the major infrastructure equipment upgrade.  Submissions […]

National Institutes of Health, East Redundancy Loop

The East Redundancy Loop (ERL) is part of the National Institutes of Health Campus’ chilled water and steam distribution system.  Unlike a typical underground tunnel distribution of utilities, the ERL project required the installation of an above-ground, elevated utility structure which provides an enhanced level of reliability for the Clinical Center Complex.  NIH engaged EBA […]