We have been involved with the planning and design of several infrastructure and utility projects including data centers, communications facilities, site utility expansions, and power generation plants, as well as infrastructure upgrades associated with facility expansion and renovation projects. Major clinical and research projects require the effective coordination, sizing and placement of complex infrastructure and support systems.  Our experience in this field, combined with longstanding associations with several consulting engineers has made our services an integral part of the process for the development of support systems for mission critical facilities.  We understand the significance of today’s technological advancements and are very familiar with the challenges of integrating new equipment into physically constrained spaces that need to maintain 24/7 operations.  

Services and related facilities planning and design includes:

  • Site selection analysis
  • Campus Planning
  • Functional Planning and Infrastructure Coordination
  • Construction Administration
  • Data Centers
  • Power Plants
  • Chiller Farms
  • Boiler Plants

  • Generator Sets
  • Fuel Storage
  • Utility Vaults
  • Tunnels and Trenches
  • Chilled Water and Steam Loops
  • Switchgear Rooms
  • Transformer Vaults, Pads, Rooms